No Machines. No Mirrors. No TV's. Just Space.

You don't need distraction or entertainment here… This is bootcamp… It's time to train!

Bootcamp Blog

Sean and Nikki Davis have owned and operated Davis Training Boot Camp gym since the beginning of 2010. We were both involved in sports in high school and college. We had very active lifestyles! We got married and had 3 daughters together. Between raising the kids and our busy careers, we found ourselves less active and eating a regular American diet. We found ourselves in our mid thirties and fat! We would go to the health club and lift weights, but it had little to no effect on us losing fat and getting in better shape. That all changed when we started doing high intensity workouts from home! We used NO MACHINES. We used our bodies as our machine. Performing workouts with bodyweight, sandbags, a dumbell or two, jump rope, our own two legs and a lot of huffing and puffing and gasping for air! We found the most intense workout formats and exercises. We then incorporated them into different workouts that really tested us physically and mentally. The magic began. We went from fat to fit with a lot of hard work! Friends saw our bodies changing in front of their eyes and were curious as to what we were doing to get such great results. We invited them over to try our workouts and found they were a hit! People loved them and were blown away by the variety and the intensity. They were addicted! That's where it all began and has turned into something absolutely amazing. We have changed hundreds of peoples lives in the past few years. Part of the appeal we have is that we are not picture perfect fitness models all our lives. We have been out of shape and overweight. We know what it feels like to be out of shape and what it takes to get into great shape. Listen, there are a lot of things out there you can do for exercise. But there is not a better workout or a better nutrition coaching program on the planet. This is it! We have found the best and brought it to you.

Davis Trainining Boot Camp is at Crunch Southside Gym in Sarasota! The Best in Bootcamp workouts and the Best in training facilities! The best of both worlds!

3762 Bee Ridge Rd. Sarasota, FL 34233